Lecture ’Alchemy of the XXI Century: Digital Synthesis of Quantum Materials’

SASA Foreign Member Ivan Božović is to deliver a lecture titled ’Alchemy of the XXI Century: Digital Synthesis of Quantum Materials’ at the SASA Grand Hall, on Wednesday, 25 October, at noon.

Atomic-layer-by-layer molecular beam epitaxy (ALL-MBE) is a new technique developed in the last few decades to synthesize functional quantum materials, including high-temperature superconductors, other complex oxides, and two-dimensional materials such as graphene and borophene. It even enables one to synthesize novel metastable materials that cannot be synthesized by standard methods. Several examples are presented of ALL-MBE alchemy — the creation of artificial materials with novel and unique electronic properties. The ability to engineer the materials at a single-atomic monolayer level enabled important discoveries, further illustrating the power of ALL-MBE.

Professor Ivan Božović, DSc, is a leading scholar at Brookhaven National Laboratory, adjunct professor at Yale University, a member of the European Academy of Sciences (Academia Europea), a foreign member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, honoris causa professor of the University of Montenegro, an honorary fellow of the American Physical Society and an honorary fellow of the International Society for Optical Engineering. He is a recipient of the following awards: McGroddy Prize for Materials, Berndt T. Matthias Prize for Materials Aspects of Superconductivity, SPIE Technology Achievement Award, M. Jaric Memorial Prize, BNL Science and Technology Award, etc. He is a Max Planck and Van der Waals Colloquium lecturer, and he was elected a Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation principal investigator on two occasions. He has published 11 monographs and 320 scientific papers, including over 30 in Nature and Science journals.