As part of the ’Artificial Intelligence’ lecture series, Sonja Dimitrijiević, PhD, will deliver the first lecture titled ‘Machine Learning and Applications Examples’ at the SASA Grand Hall, on Tuesday, 19 September, at 11 a.m.

As stated in the lecture abstract, machine learning is one of the key fields of artificial intelligence which, at its core, enables machines to learn without explicit programming. The possibilities of machine learning applications in various fields are very broad, and they vary. In addition to the concept and types of machine learning, the lecture will shed light on different applications examples, which, first and foremost, include the examples that fall within the scope of The Institute Mihailo Pupin’s portfolio or are planned research, such as the examples in some fields of industry, mining, agriculture and traffic.

Sonja Dimitrijević, PhD, is a research associate at the Institute Mihailo Pupin in Belgrade. She obtained her PhD from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences of the University of Belgrade in the field of software engineering. Her research interests include software engineering and artificial intelligence, i.e. machine learning. She has participated in numerous research and developmental projects.

The lecture series ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is to be held at SASA, in the period from 19 September to 11 December 2023, and it aims to give a thorough overview of the scope and diversity of this field to the scholarly and expert public, as well as all interested parties and institutions. The lecture series encompasses eight lectures, and the round table titled ‘Challenges of Artificial Intelligence’. The speakers include SASA members and professors, who greatly contributed to the research on this topic.

A live stream of the event is available at https://www.sanu.ac.rs/en/live-streaming/