Lecture of Professor Miroslav Krstić, SASA foreign member

SASA foreign member and a professor at the University of California, Miroslav Krstić will give a lecture titled ‘Control Engineering: Crossroads of Technical, Natural and Mathematical Sciences’ on Tuesday, 10 September, at 12 o’clock, at the SASA Grand Hall.

Based on mathematical principles, control engineering is connected both to information and natural sciences. Professor Miroslav Krstić will discuss two results: backstepping, a method of stabilization of infinite-dimensional systems modelled by partial differential equations, which is applicable to oscillatory motions, starting with multiphase flow in oil exploitation, to traffic congestion; and extremum seeking method for optimization of dynamic systems in real time, which facilitated microchip density increase by two hundredfold. As he himself put it: ‘A standard overview of mistakes, technical and personal will not be overlooked.

SASA foreign member Miroslav Krstić is a founder of Cymer Center for Control Systems and Dynamics at the University of California in San Diego, a winner of multiple awards, author of 13 books and over 350 journal papers in the fields of nonlinear, adaptive, stochastic control systems and systems with delays, as well as their application in microprocessor manufacturing and oil drilling industries. He graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade in 1989, while he obtained his PhD from the University in California in Santa Barbara in 1994, under Professor Petar Kokotović, to whom this lecture is dedicated.