Lecture on the education of Roma children in the context of inclusive educational policy and practice

‘The Education of Roma Children in the Context of Inclusive Educational Policy and Practice: Why Are There No More Roma People Driving BMWs?’ is the lecture title of Sunčića Macura, PhD, organized by the SASA Board for the Study of Life and Customs of the Roma, which is to be delivered at the SASA Hall 2 on Monday, 4 September, at 2.30 p.m.

With the adoption of the new umbrella Law on the Fundamentals of Educational System in 2009, inclusive education was introduced into the educational system of the Republic of Serbia, which guarantees equal opportunities and equality to each child, without discrimination and segregation of any particular group. The introduction of inclusive education – joint education for all children regardless of their differences – to regular educational institutions is followed by a series of new measures of educational policy which is supposed to secure the implementation of the mentioned principles in practice.

The basic topic of the lecture will include the compulsory education of the Roma children who live in poor, non-legalised settlements such as slums. The education will be discussed from the inclusive education policy point of view, keeping in mind how certain measures have been conceived and the manners they are enforced in practice. Two measures that should contribute to the enhanced learning process, and social participation of the Roma students included in education (individual educational plan and a pedagogical assistant) will be particularly analyzed, as well as two measures that should affect expanded coverage in compulsory education (preparatory preschool program and altered enrollment procedure).