Masterclass of Academician Kosta Čavoški

As part of the series ‘Encounters with Creators – Masterclass’, Academician Kosta Čavoški, a member of the SASA Department of Social Sciences, will introduce himself at the SASA Grand Hall, on Wednesday, 8 June, at 6 p.m.

Academician K. Čavoški graduated from the Faculty of Law in Belgrade, in 1964. He received his MA in 1969, and PhD in 1973 at the same Faculty. He worked at the Institute of Comparative Law and the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory. At the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade, he was a full professor in the period 1990 to 2009, when he retired.  He is the author of numerous studies, textbooks and scientific papers, both in the fields of law and philosophy of politics and law. He is a recipient of the following awards: ‘Miloš Crnjanski’ (1991),  ‘Miodrag Jovičić’ (1999) and the Award of the Endowment of Živko and Milica Topalović (2006).

The idea behind the series Encounters with Creators – Masterclass is to present the reach of current artists and scientists thus sending a clear message, particularly to the young audience that, despite difficulties, it is possible in Serbia to achieve creative breakthroughs, whose significance extends beyond national borders. The goal is also to inspire young people to choose the path of scientific and artistic careers and provide them with direct communication with prominent creators.

Lecturers, our distinguished scientists and artists, talk about their professional path, education, role models, difficulties and challenges they faced, success and failures, a career in Serbia and inspiration for their work and creativity.

The lecture of Academician Čavoški is the 14th episode in this series.

The moderator of ’Encounters with Creators – Masterclass’ is the Director of the SASA Gallery of Science and Technology, Academician Zoran Lj. Petrović.