Meeting of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality and SASA President

The President of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts Academician Zoran Knežević met the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Janković on 8 May. Among other things, the necessity of a greater number of women being elected into the membership of the Academy was discussed. The SASA President expressed his full understanding of this issue, explaining that in dialogues held in the Academy, the need for a more gender-balanced membership was highlighted, which would be realized through the election of more women. He said that with the amendments to the SASA Statute Statute, a new article had been adopted in October 2023 which states that SASA Departments need to mind gender equality when electing new corresponding members of SASA.

The Commissioner thanked Academician Z. Knežević and emphasized the importance of respecting and promoting human rights, stating that achieving equality was not an easy or simple task, which required the involvement of all functionaries in society. She affirmed that the implementation of activities, the reaction rate and the measures taken up till then to achieve gender equality were encouraging and demonstrated that the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, as a fundamental institution, could be considered a genuine partner in building a society in which equality and tolerance were respected.