Madrid, 12 March 1934

Foreign member

Department of Chemical and Biological Sciences


Membership of SASA
Foreign member since 30 October 2003

Field of study
Molecular biology, genetics, philosophy

BSc in physics (1955); University of Madrid, MSc and PhD (1964) Columbia University

Providence College, Rockefeller University (1964‒1971) University of California, Davis, associate Professor (1971‒1974); full professor (1974‒1987); University of California, Irvine (1987‒2018)

Membership of other academies
National Academy of Sciences, USA; American Academy of Arts and Sciences; California Academy of Sciences; foreign member: Russian Academy of Science; Spanish Royal Academy of Sciences; National Academy Accademia dei Lincei  from Rome; Mexican Academy of Sciences

Awards and recognitions
Honorary doctorates of the universities of Athens, Bologna, Barcelona, Madrid, Prague, Venice;
The Gregor Johann Mendel Gold Medal of the Czech Academy of Sciences;
Science medal of the National Academy dei Lincei of Italy;
National Medal of Science, USA (2002);
Templeton Prize (2010)