Stojanka Aleksić
Bačina, (Kruševac), 4 December 1934

External member

Department of Medical Sciences


Membership of SASA
External member since 26 October 2000

Field of study
Microbiology, bacteriology, immunology of digestive

School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, MD (1960); Military Medical Academy Belgrade, specialization (1965); University of Hamburg, habilitation (1982)

University of Hamburg, assistant professor (1982); full professor (1992); head of the Hygiene Institute Hamburg, Division of Bacteriology, National Reference Centre for Enteric Pathogens, Germany шеф (1978-2011)

Accession speech
Lecture held at the SASA on 23 October 2001: Helicobacter Pylori – Clinical Aspects, Diagnosis and Treatment;  Published at Glas /SANU; Department of Medical Sciences. 399:48 (2005), pp 41-54, titled: ‘Helicobacter pylori – Clinical Manifestation, Diagnosis and Treatment’.

Awards and recognitions
R. O. Neumann Prize (1972)