Svetomir Arsić-Basara
Sevce (Metohija), May 15, 1928

Full member

Department of Arts



Membership of SASA
Department of Arts: full member since Oct. 27, 1994

Field of study

BA in Sculpture, Academy of Applied Arts, Belgrade, 1958

Academy of Arts, Priština, Professor (1973-1995)

Accession speech
Exhibited three sculptures (Tsar Dušan and two armored knights) and read the text, “On the Trail of Origins”, May 31, 1995

Membership of other academies
Kosovo Academy of Sciences and Arts, 1983-1992

Membership of specialist associations
Association of Fine Artists of Serbia; Association of Fine Artists of  Kosovo; Union of Fine Arts Associations of Yugoslavia

Biography and bibliography
SASA Annals 102 (1996) 545-560; 109 (2003) 429-434

Membership of SASA Boards
Interdepartmental Board for the Study of Kosovo and Metohija, since 1996;  Interdepartmental Board for the Compilation of a Dictionary of Visual Art, since 1997; representative of the Department of Visual Arts and Music in the Managing Board for Scientific Research, since 2005

Awards and recognitions
Award of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia, 1969; Prize of the City of Priština, 1971; 7th July Award, 1978; Award of the Union of Fine Arts Associations of Yugoslavia, 1981; AVNOJ Prize, 1986; Vuk Award, 1998; Order of Brotherhood and Unity with Silver Wreath