Ostojićevo, 26 July 1952

full member

Department of Medical Sciences


Membership of SASA
Corresponding member since 5 November 2015
Full member since 4 November 2021

Field of study

MD (1984) School of Medicine, University of Novi Sad; PhD (1997) School of Medicine of the Military Medical Academy (MМА); speciality training in transfusion medicine (1983) and subspeciality training  in haematology (2007)

MMA Institute of Blood Transfusion and Hemobiology (since 1980); MMA Institute of Blood Transfusion and Hemobiology, head of the Institute (since 2010); Institute for Medical Research of the University of Belgrade, experimental haematologist (since 1996);  MMA School of Medicine, full professor (since 2005); visiting professor at the schools of medicine in Niš and Banja Luka; European School of Transfusion Medicine, Milano, teacher

Membership of specialist associations
Academy of Medical Sciences of the Serbian Medical Society (SMS), full member (2008); Transfusion Medicine Association of Serbia; International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT); European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT); European Haematology Association  (EHA); ART Association.; Section of Transfusion Medicine and Transplantation of SMS; Association for Apheresis Treatment of Serbia, president

Membership of editorial boards
Journal of Haematology, Blood Transfusion and Disorders (USA); International Journal of Clinical Transfusion Medicine (Amsterdam); Blood Banking Transfusion Medicine (Istanbul); Serbian Archives of Medicine (Belgrade); Vojnosanitetski pregled (Belgrade); Bilten za transfuziologiju (Belgrade; editor-in-chief); Anestezija reanimacija transfuzija (Belgrade); Medicinski pregled (Podgorica)
Reviewer: The Lancet (New York); Medical Science Monitor (New York); World Journal of Pediatrics (Beijing)

Awards and recognitions
Plaque of the Serbian Medical Society, 1997;
Recognition of achievement of the Serbian Medical Society, 2002;
Cvijić’s medal for extraordinary personal accomplishment in the field of natural sciences bestowed by the President of the Republic of Serbia, 2001;
Recognition of achievement for commendable and outstanding performance of duties in the field of defence and security bestowed by the President of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro, 2005;
First prize for scientific research work by SMS, 2007;
Prize for best scientific research project by the Ministry of Defence of Serbia, 2008;
Gold medal for dedicated service bestowed by the President of the Republic of Serbia, 2011.