Senta, 29 November 1939

Full member

Department of Language and Literature


Membership of SASA
Corresponding member from 15 December 1983;
Full member since 25 April 1991

Field of study

Graduated from Valjevo Gymnasium (1958); studied at the Faculty of Philosophy (Department of Yugoslav and general literature)

Writer; poet 

Accession speech
Epiphany: /narrative poem/. Read at a solemn gathering on 12 May 1992; It has not been published in SASA’s editions.

Membership of specialist associations
Association of Serbian Writers (UKS), president from 1988 to 1992

Awards and recognitions
October Prize of the City of Belgrade, 1970;
‘Milan Rakić’ Award (UKS), 1971;
Zmaj’s Award, 1989;
The 7th July Award of SR Serbia, 1989;
Vuk’s Endowment Prize for art, 1997;
Negoš’s Award for literature, 1998;
‘Desanka Maksimović’ Award, 1998;
„Drainac“, 1999 ;
The annual award of Prosveta, 2001;
‘Radoje Domanović’ Award, 2006;
Kozara Literary Wreath, 2008;
Art Wreath, 2014.

Biographies and bibliographies
Yearbook / SASA 91 (1984) 371-377; 102 (1995) 507-514.