Živorad Čeković
Koštunići (Gornji Milanovac), 11 September 1934

Full member

Department of Chemical and Biological Sciences


Membership of SASA
Corresponding member from 26 October 2000
Full member since 2 November 2006

Field of study
Organic chemistry

BSc (1960); PhD (1964) Doctor of Chemical Sciences; Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics

Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, University of Belgrade; full professor (from 1983); dean (1978−1980); head of the Department of Chemistry and Physical Chemistry (1984−1986)

Accession speech
Department paper presentation ‘Creating Bond between Inactive and Active Carbon Atoms’

Membership of specialist associations
Serbian Chemical Society, president (1988−1992); Serbian Scientific Society (1996−); Educational Council of Serbia (1987−1991)

Membership of editorial boards
Hemijski pregled [Chemical Review], journal of the Serbian Chemical Society

Membership of SASA boards
Interdepartmental Board for the Study of Life and Work of Scientists in Serbia and Scientists of Serbian origin; Board for the Protection of the Environment

Awards and recognitions
October Prize of the City of Belgrade (1984);

Labour Day Order with red ribbon (1984)

Biography and bibliography
Yearbook / SASA. 107 (2001) 393−409.