Boturići, 23 August 1953

Full member

Department of Medical Sciences


Membership of SASA
Corresponding member from 30 October 2003; Full member since 5 November 2009

Field of study

MD (1977) MSc (1983), School of Medicine, University of Belgrade; Speciality training (1983),  Military Medical Academy (MМА); PhD (1987), Military Medical Academy (MМА);
Clinical training: WRAIR Washington DC (1990); Hammersmith Hospital London (1986)

University professor – colonel; Military Medical Academy in Belgrade, full professor (since 1998);  School of Medicine, University of Niš, full professor (since 2007); Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade (1995-2005); Institute of Medical Research of MMА (1997-2011); dean of MMA College (2009-2011); dean of the School of Medicine of MMA (2011-)

Membership of SASA boards
Academy Board for Education; Academy Board for Biomedical Research

Membership of specialist associations
Balkan Union of Immunological Societies; Immunological Society of Serbia (ISoS); Academy of Medical Sciences of SMS; Serbian Physiological Society; Serbian Society of Microscopy;
European Macrophage and Dendritic Cell Society (EMDS)

Membership of editorial boards
Vojnosanitetski pregled; Serbian Archives of Medicine; Archive of Oncology; Clinical Application of Immunology

Awards and recognitions
Prize for best scientific research project by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia, 2007 and 2010;
Award of the Serbian Medical Society for scientific research work, 2005;
Cvijić’s medal, 2000.

Biography and bibliography
Yearbook/SАSA. 110 (2004) 471-492;