Noam L. Chomsky
Linguist and philosopher
Philadelphia, 7 December 1928.

Foreign member

Department of Social Sciences


Membership of SASA
Foreign member since 30 October 2003

Field of study
Linguistic theory, syntax, semantics

BA (1949), MA (1951) and PhD in linguistic sciences (1955), University of Pennsylvania

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, full professor (1961)

Awards and recognitions
Honorary doctorates: University of Uppsala; University of Chicago; University of Delhi; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; University of Pennsylvania; University of London; Loyola University Chicago; Swarthmore College; Bard College; University of Cambridge; Columbia University; Harvard University; Georgetown University; Amherst College; McGill University; National University of Colombia; University of Toronto; University of Calcutta; Scuola Normale Superiore; Western University in Ontario; University of Buenos Aires;
Presidential medal awarded by the Literary and Debating Society of the National University of Ireland (2000);
Honorary Member of The International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters (2009);
Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award, American Psychological Association;
Kyoto Prize;
Helmholtz Medal;
Dorothy Eldridge Peacemaker Award;
Ben Franklin Medal in Computer and Cognitive Science