Vladan Đorđević
Theoretical and applied mechanics of fluids
Kruševac, 1938

full member

Department of Technical Sciences



Membership of SASA
Corresponding member from Dec. 12, 1985
Full member since Oct. 23, 1997

BSc (1957‒1961), Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade; MSc and PhD in Mechanical Sciences (1961‒1966), Faculty of Science,  University of Belgrade
postdoctoral specialization (Humboldt research fellow, 1968/69), Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, Germany
Visiting Researcher (Fulbright Fellowship, 1975/76) and Visiting Professor (1985/86 and 1987‒1988), University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade (1962‒2004)

Positions in SASA
Member of the SASA Presidency (2008‒2010)

Membership of SASA boards
Board for the Study of the Life and Work of Scientists in Serbia and Scientists of Serbian Descent, president since 2002; Board for Periodical Publications of the SASA Mathematical Institute, president since 2015

Accession speech
“Hydrodynamic Stability and Paths to Turbulence” (Oct. 1, 1998)

Membership of specialist associations
Yugoslav Society of Mechanics (general secretary, 1977‒1981, president 1993‒1997); Serbian Society of Mechanics (president, 1983‒1985); European Association of Mechanics; Society for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics; Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia; Serbian Academy of Nonlinear Sciences

Membership of editorial boards
Саопштења Машинског факултета, editor-in-chief (2002‒2004)
Живот и дело српских научника, SASA, editor-in-chief (since 2002)

Awards and recognitions
Professor Vojislav K. Stojanović Award of the Association of University Teachers and Scientists of Serbia (2007); Vidovdan Charter of the Town of Kruševac (2015); Academician Ljubomir Klerić Recognition of Life Achievement of the Department of Mining, Geological and Systematic Sciences of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia (2016)

Biography and bibliography
SASA Annals 92 (1986) 483‒488; 102 (1996) 571‒574; 109 (2003) 357‒360; 118 (2012) 331‒337