Jasmina Grković-Major
Linguistics, philology
Stanišić, Feb. 23, 1959

Full member

Department of Language and Literature


Membership of SASA
Corresponding member from Nov. 5, 2009
Full member since Nov. 5, 2015

BA (1981), MA (1984), PhD (1990), Faculty of Philosophy, Novi Sad

Department of Serbian Language and Linguistics, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad; Assistant Professor (1991), Associate Professor (1995), Professor (2000)

Positions in SASA
Member of the Executive Board of the SASA Branch in Novi Sad; member of the SASA Editorial Board; member of the SASA Board for University Education; member of the SASA Board for Science; SASA representative in the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development; SASA representative in the Expert and Scientific Council of the SASA and University of Kragujevac Center for Scientific Research; President of the Board for Old Slavonic; member of the Board for the Serbian Language in the Light of Contemporary Linguistic Theories; member of the Board for the Dictionary of Etymology; member of the Managing Board of the Đorđe Zečević Fund (for advancement and protection of the Cyrillic script)

Accession speech
“Oath-taking Patterns in a Historical Perspective: Linguistic and Cognitive Insights” (published in Academic Speeches, SASA, vol. 1 (2016): 223–234)

Membership of specialist associations
Board of the Matica Srpska Department of Literature and Language; Matica Srpska Managing Board; Secretary of the Matica Srpska Board for Njegoš; Serbian Society for Antiquity Studies; Societas Linguistica Europaea.

Membership of editorial boards
Editor-in-Chief of Matica Srpska Journal of Philology and Linguistics (Novi Sad); Slověne. International Journal of Slavic Studies (Moscow); Wiener Slavistisches Jahrbuch (Vienna); Linguistics and Anthropology / Лингвистика и антропология (Irkutsk); Октоих (Podgorica); Annals of the SASA Branch in Novi Sad; Serbian Encyclopedia (philology / linguistics); editor of the series Slavic and Serbian Middle Ages (SASA Board for Old Slavonic); Editor-in-Chief of Прилози проучавању језика (Novi Sad, 2006–2012)

Awards and recognitions
Award of the Aleksandar Belić Fund (at SASA) for best published book in the field of linguistics in 1994 (for young scholars); Recognition of Achievement of the Board for Marking Five Hundred Years of the First Cyrillic Printing House in the Slavic South, Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts, 1994; Pavle and Milka Ivić Award of the Serbian Society of Slavic Studies for best work on Slavic Linguistics in 2018

Biography and bibliography
Yearbook/SASA CXVI, 2010 (for 2009), 655–675; SASA Annals, CXXIIII, 2017 (for 2016), 395‒302