Aleksandar Ivić
Belgrade, March 6, 1949 - Belgrade, December 27, 2020

full member

Department of Mathematics, Physics and Geosciences


Membership of SASA
Department of Science: corresponding member from Dec. 15, 1988
Department of Mathematics, Physics and Geosciences: full member since Oct. 26, 2000

Field of study
analytic number theory

PhD in mathematics, Faculty of Science, Belgrade, 1975

Full Professor at the Faculty of Mining and Geology, University of Belgrade from 1988

Professor Emeritus since 2014

Accession speech
“Some Recent Findings of the Riemann Zeta Function Theory” 1990
“Distribution of the Zero Zeta Function”, May 24, 2001

Membership of specialist associations
Mathematical Institute 1973-2003

Membership of editorial boards
Publications de l’Institut mathematique, 1983-2007

Biography and bibliography
SASA Yearbook 95 (for 1989) 449-456; 104 (1998) 423-427; 112 (2006) 363-367.