(b. Belgrade, 11 December 1923 – d. Belgrade, 7 March 2011) 

University professor: Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Novi Sad, full professor (from 1964)

Membership of SASA: Department of Language and Literature; corresponding member from 22 April 1976; full member from 15 December 1983; Department of Language and Literature, deputy secretary (4 November 1986 – 24 April 1990)

Accession speech: On Differences between Basic and Specific Communication in the Serbo-Croatian Language. Glas / SANU. Department of Language and Literature 352: 13 (1988) 1–6. Delivered on 11 October 1984

Biography and bibliography:  God. / SANU 83 (1977) 240–252; 91 (1985) 363–367; 100 (1994) 349–352; 108 (2002) 327–337; M. Babić: Bibliografija radova akademika Milke Ivić: u čast osamdeset godina života. SANU, 2005.

Membership of SASA boards: Old Slavonic Board; Chilandar Board; Board for SASA Etymological Dictionary; Board for Serbo-Croatian Dictionary of Literary and Vernacular Language, president from 1983

Awards and recognitions: The 7th July Award (1985); October Prize of the City of Novi Sad (1963); Vuk’s Prize (1992); golden plaque for extraordinary results in educational and teaching work of the Association of University Professors and Scientists of Serbia (1996); recognition of achievement and honorary member title of The Linguistic Association of the Czech Republic for scientific contribution (2000); Dr. h. c. of the Petrozavodsk State University (2002); recognition of lifetime achievement – bestowed by the Association of Serbian Writers (2005)

Photograph: SANU F–544