Pirot, 2 September 1956

Full member

Department of Mathematics, Physics and Geosciences


Membership of SASA
Corresponding member since 30 October 2003;
Full member since 5 November 2009

Field of study
Geology, geochemistry

BSc (1980), MSc (1983) PhD (1990), Faculty of Mining and Geology, University of Belgrade; Professional training (1987/88), Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb;
Professional training (1990/91), The Macaulay Institute for Soil Research, Aberdeen

Faculty of Mining and Geology, full professor, since 2003 (teaching assistant, 1985; assistant professor, 1991; associated professor, 1997);  Geological Institute – Nonmetals, Belgrade, researcher (1980-1985)

Accession speech
‘Selenium in Rocks, Soli and Some Plants of Serbia’ (delivered on 25 June 2004)

Membership of specialist associations
Geochemical Society (USA); International Association for Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry (Canada); Association of Exploration Geochemists (Canada); Mineralogical Society of Great Britain; International Commission on the History on Geological Sciences-INHIGEO; Selenium-Tellurium Development Association (Belgium)

Membership of editorial boards
Ecologica, editor-in-chief; member of editorial boards: Matica Srpska Journal of Natural Sciences, Geološki anali Balkanskog poluostrva, Vesnik of the Geological Institute of Serbia, Flogiston, Problemы biogeohimii i geohimičeskoй эkologii (Kazakhstan); contributor of the journal Mineralogical Abstracts; Sabrana dela J. Pančića, editor of four books of Dragoslav Srejović; Bulletin of the SASA Fund for Research in Sciences and Arts, editor; Bulletin of Scientiffic Research – Annual Report, editor; member of editorial board of Poučnik SKZ;

Membership of SASA boards
Academy Board for Selenium and Magnesium; Academy Board ‘Man and the Environment’; member of the Managing Board of the SASA Fund for Research in Sciences and Arts

Awards and recognitions
Recognition of achievement of the Serbian Geological Society, 1991;
Recognition of achievement of Srpska književna zadruga, 2002;
Recognition of gratitude for improvement of work of the Museum of Science and Technology on the occasion of its 25th anniversary, 2014;
Recognition of gratitude for fundamental contribution to the development of geological sciences and Russian-Serbian cooperation and gold medal of V.V. Kovalsky for achievements in geochemical chemistry, awarded by V.I. Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2015;
Plaque of the Serbian Geological Society for contribution to the work of the Serbian Geological Society on the occasion of 125 years of its foundation, 2016;
Grand Sretenje recognition of achievement for the cultivation of Serbian-Slovenian cultural and scientific ties, 2017.

Biographies and bibliographies
Yearbook/SASA 110 (2004) 341-358