Ohrid, 4 March 1929

Full member

Department of Medical Sciences


Membership in Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA)
Department of Medical Sciences (DMS):
He was elected a corresponding member on March 21, 1974, and a regular member on December 15, 1983.

Field of work
Pathology: cardiovascular pathology (especially congenital heart anomalies and their pulmonary circulation, atherosclerosis and its complications, heart tumors, etc.); oncopathology; teratology (especially conjoined twins), and the history of Serbian and world medicine. 

Educational background and training
School of Medicine Belgrade University, 1955; Specialization in Pathological Anatomy, 1961; Pulmonary circulation and cytodiagnostics, Paris 1960; Correlation of Clinic and Pathology, London; Pulmonary circulation, Amsterdam; Subspecialization of cardiovascular pathology, 1962-1964, St.Paul, Minn., USA, mentor Prof. Jesse E. Edwards, foreign member of SASA; Member and Visiting Professor of ‘’The Jesse E. Edwards Registry of Cardiovascular Disease’’. Habilitation thesis: “Pathological morphology of congenital malformations of pulmonary veins”, 1965; PhD: “Histopathological changes of pulmonary blood vessels in congenital heart anomalies”, 1981.

School of Medicine Belgrade University (Chair of Pathology, Head 1976-1980), Full Professor  1982 and Institute of Pathology, 1956-1994; CHC ” Bežanijska Kosa ” 1994 – 1998; Director of Biomedical Studies of the European Center for Peace and Development of the United Nations University for Peace and President of the Program Council of its International Summer School of Cardiology (I-XI, since 2009).

Functions in SASA
Deputy Secretary of DMS from  May 26, 1976  to  January 21, 1988. Secretary of DMS and Member of the Presidency of SASA since January 21, 1988. to May 29, 1996.

Presentation of Accessive academic word:
‘’Congenital heart anomalies and their pulmonary circulation’’. Held on October 26, 1984.
/ not printed /.

Membership in professional associations
Serbian Medical Association (SMA) and its sections for pathology, cardiology and history of medicine; Academy of Medical Sciences SMA, full member since its founding in 1976; Matica Srpska, permanent associate member; Association of Pathologists of Yugoslavia, President 1994-1998; European Society of Pathologists (member of its Advisory Board 1997-2012 on behalf of Yugoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro and Serbia); European Association of Cardiologists; European Society of Cardiovascular Pathology, since its founding in 2000; Serbian Atherosclerosis Society, President since 2001 and on behalf of Serbia, Member of the Advisory Boards of the European and International Association for Atherosclerosis; Yugoslav and Serbian Association of Cardiologists; Balkan Medical Union; etc.

Editorial work
Serbian Archives of Medicine; Medical Investigation (editor – in – chief 1982-1994 and President of its Council 1994 – 2002), Organizer of the Symposium “Aspirations and Innovations in Medicine” School of Medicine Belgrade University; Cardiology (Bg); Acta biologiae et medicinae experimentalis (Priština);Military-medical and pharmaceutical review; Acta Clinica CCS; Heart and blood vessels (Bg); American Journal of Cardiovascular Pathology (USA),etc.
Member of the Editorial Board of the Serbian Encyclopedia and editor for Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine.

Bio-bibliographies (SASA Yearbooks)
LXXXII for 1975, 1976, p. 152 – 162; HS for 1983, 1984, p. 277 – 288; HSV for 1988, 1989, p. 393 – 412; CI for 1994, 1995, p. 341 – 365, CVI for 1999, 2000, p. 319 – 345; CXI for 2004, 2005, p. 323-361; CXVIII for 2011, 2012, p. 339 – 371; CXXIII for 2016, 2017, pp.323 – 342. Bibliographies for 2017, 2018, 2019 are in the Bulletins.

Board on Cardiovascular Pathology, President. Board member for: Tumors of the urogenital system; Human reproduction; Endocrinology and the influence of natural factors; Multidisciplinary diabetes research. He was member of the boards: Inter-Academic (IA) Board for Cardiovascular Pathology, President; IA Board for Monitoring the Situation and Problems of Medical Sciences in Yugoslavia; Board for Monitoring the Development of Medical Sciences in Serbia, President; Board for malignant tumors of the head, neck and CNS; AIDS Board; Oncology Board; Board for Selenium.

Recognitions and awards
October Award of the City of Belgrade 1974 and Award of the City of Belgrade 2011; July 7 Award of Serbia 1989; Order of Labor with the Red Flag 1988; Award ” Prof.dr Vojislav Stojanović “ of the Association of University Professors and Scientists of Serbia, ‘’for exceptional results achieved in scientific research work in 2000’’; Letter of Thanks of Patriarch Pavle 2000; Academician BS Djordjević Award 2000; “Karić Brothers” Award 2003; SMA Awards for scientific research, life’s work in 2010 and the biggest prize “Great Seal”, 2014. Honorary member of the Association of Cardiologists of the Republic of Srpska in 2008; First Honorary Member of the Association of Pathologists and Cytologists of Serbia 2016. Semelweiss Medal of the Medical University of Budapest 1990; Two gold medals of the Association of Cardiologists of Yugoslavia and one of Serbia 2018; Gold Medal of the Association of Cardiologists of the Russian Federation 2015 and Bosnia and Herzegovina 2016; Foreign member of ASA RS 2008 and Honorary Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences  2016; Sretenje Medal of the first degree for outstanding merits to the Republic of Serbia and its citizens in the field of medical sciences 2023.