Đala (Banat), 20 July 1932

Full member

Department of Historical Sciences


Membership of SASA
Corresponding member from 7 May 1981;
Full member since 25 April 1991

Field of study
National modern history

BA (1957), PhD in historical sciences (1967), Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade

Full professor (1979), retired (1997) Department of National Modern History, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade;

Positions in SASA
Secretary of the Department of Historical Sciences (1998-2011);
Director of the SASA Archives

Accession speech
Department paper presentation: the Serbs and the Review of Croatian-Hungarian Agreement in 1873. Glas / SASA. Department of Historical Sciences. 334 : 4 (1983) 51-90;
Speech: Essential Issues Between the Serbs and Croats throughout History. Glas / SASA. Department of Historical Sciences. 342 : 8 (1993) 97-109.

Membership of specialist associations
Matica Srpska, member associate (1960-); Society of Historians of Serbia

Membership of editorial boards
Zbornik o Srbima u Hrvatskoj [Collection of Papers on the Serbs in Croatia]; Istorijski glasnik [Historical Review], editor-in-chief; Srpska enciklopedija [Serbian Encyclopedia], member of editorial board (until 2010); Srpski biografski rečnik [Serbian Lexicon of Biographies] (2004-); Zbornik Matice srpske za istoriju [Matica Srpska Journal of History Archives ](1979-)

Awards and recognitions
Politika Award for opinion journalism, 1991;
October Prize of the City of Belgrade, 1992;
Vuk’s Prize of Cultural-Educational Society of Serbia, 1994;
Vuk’s Endowment Prize, 1996;
BIGZ Award for the best book of the year, 1996;
Special award ‘Golden Ring’ of the Cultural-Educational Society of Belgrade, 2001
Vladimir Ćorović Award for the best book of the year, 2002;
The Karić Brothers Award, 2004;
Award of Srpska književna zadruga [The  Serbian  Literary  Cooperative] from Dušan Baranin Fund, 2006;
‘Dejan Medaković’ Award of Prometej publishing house, 2012.

Biography and bibliography
Yearbook / SASA 88 (1982) 349-355; 99 (1993) 505-511; 106 (2000) 411-420.