Budapest, 19 June 1940

Foreign member

Department of Medical Sciences


Membership of SASA
Foreign member since 23 October 1997

Field of study
Medical psychology

University of Heidelberg, PhD in philosophy of psychology (1973); University of Belgrade, PhD in medical sciences (1991)

University of Heidelberg, university professor; Institute for Preventive Medicine and Political, Economic and Health Psychology, University of Heidelberg, founder; director (1990‒2006); European Centre for Peace and Development (ECPD), University for Peace, United Nations, director of the intergovernmental programme (2007‒)

Accession speech
Individual and Social Solutions of Problems through Self-Regulation: The Significance to Preventive Medicine, Sport, Economy and Industry – the lecture held on 22 October 2003.

Awards and recognitions
Honorary doctorate of the University of Belgrade (2002)