Radmila Petanović
Gornji Milanovac, 1950

Full member

Department of Chemical and Biological Sciences


Membership of SASA
Corresponding member from Nov. 1, 2012
Full member since Nov. 8, 2018

BSc in Biology (1973), Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, University of Belgrade
MSc in Population Genetics (1977), Faculty of Science, University of Belgrade
PhD in Phyto-Acarology (1985), Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, University of Belgrade
Specialist and scientific education (1986‒1995) including work on the doctoral thesis (1981‒1982), Warsaw Agricultural University, Poland, and the US Department of Agriculture  Laboratory for Biological Control of Weeds, Rome (1991), and the University of Bari, Italy (1992), where she specialized in the application of scanning electron microscopy to the study of mites

Scientific research and teaching work began at the Department for Entomology, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade. Assistant Professor (1987); Associate Professor (1993); Full Professor since 1998

Positions in SASA
Member of the Academy Board for Science; former member of the Academy Board for Education;  associate of the editorial board for biology of the Serbian Encyclopedia of SASA and Matica Srpska, author of some terms which were entrusted to her; the chair of the Board for the Study of the Fauna of Serbia since 2014. She was the president of the scientific and organizational committees of SASA of scientific conferences: ‘Ecological and Economic Significance of the Fauna of Serbia (2016); ’50 Years since the Death of Academician Milutin Radovanović’ (2018) and a member of the organizational committee of the expert conference ‘Plant Health Protection’ (2020)

Membership of SASA Boards
Board for the Study of the Fauna of Serbia, Board for Science

Accession speech
‘Integrative Taxonomy – a New Approach or a New Phrase? The Scope of Taxonomy of Eriophyoidea (Arthropoda, Acari, Acariformes)’ delivered on 13 May 2019. Akademske beside [Accession Speeches]; Volume 2; Belgrade, 2019, pp. 138-157.

Membership of specialist associations
Entomological Society of Serbia, Plant Protection Society of Serbia,  Serbian Ecological Society, Serbian Biological Society, European Association of Acarologists, International Society for Pest Information, Acarological Society of America.

Membership of editorial boards
Zaštita bilja and Acta Biologica Yugoslavica, member of the Publishing Board; Actа Entomologica Serbica, Pesticidi i fitomedicina, Zaštita bilja, Archives of Biological Sciences, Ecologica Montenegrina, Srpska nauka danas, member of the Editorial Board; editor of monograph Fauna repatih vodozemaca Srbije by Georg Džukić, Tanja D. Vukov and Miloš L. Kalezić, SASA, 2016; editor of the collection of papers Ekološki i ekonomski značaj faune Srbije, SASA, 2018; editor of ‘The Proceedings from the Scientific Conference on the Occasion of Fifty Years since the Death of Academician Milutin Radovanović, SASA, 2019;  editor of the monograph ‘Fauna fagnih vrsta muva galica u Srbiji: Cecidomyiidae, Cecidomyina’ by Dušanka Simova-Tošić, SASA (2020).

Awards and recognitions
City of Belgrade Recognition of Achievement (1968)
Certificate of Gratitude of the Serbian Biological Society (2007)
Diploma of the Ministry of Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia (2008), as member of the team of scientists that won the first prize in biology in the competition for the best technological innovation in Serbia;
100th Anniversary Recognition of Achievement of the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Belgrade, 2019
Peer reviewer in international journals: Zoosystema, Zootaxa, Annales zoologici, Systematic and Applied Acarology, International Journal of Acarology, Experiomental and  Applied Acarology.

Biography and bibliography
SASA Yearbook for 2012, SASA, Belgrade, 2013, 317‒332; Bibliographies of SASA members, vol. 1, Belgrade, 2019, pp. 73-84