Zoran Lj. Petrović
Plasma physics, microelectronics, atomic and molecular physics, applied physics
Belgrade, 1954

full member

Department of Technical Sciences


Membership of SASA
Corresponding member from Oct. 26, 2000
Full member since Nov. 5, 2009

BSc in electrical engineering (1978), MSc in electrical engineering (1980), Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade
PhD (1985), Australian National University, Canberra

Institute of Physics of the University of Belgrade, principal research fellow (since 1994), research assistant (from 1978)

Positions in SASA
Director of the Gallery of Science and Technology, Secretary of the Department of Technical Sciences, member of the Council of the Gallery of Visual Arts and Music, chair of the Statute Commission

Membership of SASA boards
Board for Science, Board for Energetics

Accession speech
“Imbalanced Gas Discharges: Kinetics and Applications”, lecture (Jan. 30, 2001)
“Kinetic Phenomena in Ionized Gases”, accession speech (May 24, 2010)

Membership of specialist associations
Serbian Physical Society (former general secretary and vice president), American Physical Society – APS; former member of the Presidency of the Society for ETRAN, Belgrade, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), former member of Australian Physical Society

Membership of editorial boards
Plasma Sources Science and Technology, European Physical Journal D, European Physical Journal Techniques and Instrumentation

Awards and recognitions
Prof. Marko Jarić Award for outstanding achievement in physics (2005)
Nikola Tesla Award for exceptional technological work (1990)
American Physical Society – fellow (2010), outstanding referee (2014)
Award of the Institute of Physics for scientific paper (1995, 1998, 2006)
Award for the most quoted paper over a ten-year period in the journal Plasma Sources Science and Technology (1999‒2009)
Special Diploma for contribution to the development of Centers of excellence at the Keio University, Japan (2012)
Grand Recognition Award for scientific paper of the Institute of Physics of the University of Belgrade

Biography and bibliography