Dejan Popović
Biomedical engineering, robotics
Belgrade, 2 April 1950 - Belgrade, 4 October 2021

full member

Department of Technical Sciences



Membership of SASA
Corresponding member  from Nov. 5, 2009
Full member since Nov. 5, 2015

BSc (1974), MSc (1977), PhD (1981), Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade
Dr. Tech, Aalborg University, Denmark (2003)

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade, associate and teacher  (from 1974)
Biomedical Engineering, Professor, retired (2015)
Professor Emeritus, Aalborg University, Denmark
Member of the Advisory Board of the SASA Gallery of Science and Technology

Membership of SASA boards
Board for Energetics, Board for the Operations of SASA Institutes, Advisory Board of the SASA Audiovisual Archives and Digitalization Center

Accession speech
“Entropy or Non-entropy: What Influenced My Development”

Membership of specialist associations
President – Society for ETRAN, Belgrade, Founding and Life Member – International Functional Electrical Stimulation Society (IFESS), Fellow – European Association of Medical and Biological Engineering (EAMBES), Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)

Membership of editorial boards
IEEE Transactions of Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, adjunct editor; Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing, adjunct editor; Medical Engineering and Physics; Journal of Neuromodulation; Journal of Automatic Control, Belgrade, editor

Awards and recognitions
Best paper, IFAC Conference on Control in Biomedical Engineering, Galveston, Texas, USA (1992)
Discobolos, best ICT solution in medicine (1998)
Award for patents of the European Patent Association, with Aleksandar Vega (2015)