Velimir Popsavin
Synthesis of natural products, medicinal chemistry, chemistry of monosaccharides
Novi Sad, 1951

full member

Department of Chemical and Biological Sciences


Membership of SASA
Corresponding member since Nov. 5, 2015
Full member since 4 November 2021

BSc (1974), MSc (1981), PhD (1988), Faculty of Science, University of Novi Sad

Postdoctoral studies (1989–1991), School of Chemistry, University of Leeds, England

Faculty of Science, University of Novi Sad, full professor since 1999; head of Department of Biochemistry and Chemistry of Natural Products (2012–2015).

Membership of SASA Boards
Board for Science

Accession speech
“Synthesis and Antitumor Activity of Selected Styryl Lactones and Analogs” (Oct. 21, 2016), at the 7th session of the Department of Chemical and Biological Sciences
“Natural Products as Bases for the Development of New Antitumor Agents” (Sept. 21, 2016). at the SASA Branch in Novi Sad

Membership of specialist associations
Serbian Chemical Society; Parent Scientific Board for Chemistry of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia, since 2007

Awards and recognitions
Medal for Lasting and Extraordinary Contribution to Science, Serbian Chemical Society (2014); Recognition of Achievement on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Department of Chemistry of the Faculty of Science, Novi Sad (2012)

Biography and bibliography
Yearbook/SASA No. CXXIII, 2016,  pp. 349–358