Sarajevo, 11 April 1931

Full member

Department of Medical Sciences


Membership of SASA
Corresponding member from 21 March 1974;
Full member since 15 December 1983

Field of study
Neurological sciences

MD (1956) PhD (1960), School of Medicine, University of Belgrade;
Clinical training: Anokhin Institute of Normal Physiology, Moscow (1956);
Brain Research Institute of the University of California, Los Angeles (1961-62)

School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, full professor (1974) retired (1996); head of the Centre for Scientific Research of the Clinical Centre of Serbia in Belgrade

Positions in SASA
SASA Vice-President in charge of natural sciences (2008-2015)

Accession speech
Regulatory Behaviour Systems, delivered on 26 October 1984

Membership of other academies
Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts, corresponding member (1973); Academy of Sciences and Arts of Kosovo, full member (1978); Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, foreign member (1984); New York Academy of Sciences, member; Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union (now Russian Academy of Sciences), foreign member (1982); European Academy in Paris, member; foreign member of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of the Republic of Srpska (2011); foreign member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts in Salzburg

Membership of specialist associations
Advisory Committee on Medical Research of the World Health Organization in Geneva; European Society of Neurological Sciences; International Brain Research Organization; European Society for Neurochemistry; Serbian Medical Society; American Physiological Society; Brain Research Association (now British Neuroscience Association (BNA)), honorary member

Membership of editorial boards
Journal of Developmental Neuroscience; World and J.; Neurologija; Acta Medica Jugoslavica; Acta Physiologica et Pharmacologica Jugoslavica; Neurologia et Psychiatria (editor).

 Membership of SASA boards
Academy Board ‘Man and the Environment’; Academy Board for International Cooperation; Academy Board for Science; Academy Board for Biomedical Research; Academy Board for Cooperation with Serbian Scientists and Artists Living Abroad

Awards and recognitions
The 7th July Award, 1968;
AVNOJ Award, 1977;
Labour Day Order of the third degree;
Labour Day Order with a golden wreath;
‘Brotherhood and Unity’ Order;
Peace Contribution Medal, 1994.

Biography and bibliography
Yearbook / SАSA. 82 (1976)146-155; 90 (1984) 263-275; 100 (1994) 329-339.