Civil engineer
Belgrade, 26 April 1949

Foreign member

Department of Technical Sciences


Membership of SASA
Foreign member since 4 November 2021

Field of study
Water Resources Systems;
Hydrology, flood management, Hydropower energy, artificial accumulations, climate change, risks and resilience

BSc (1974), Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade; MSc (1977); Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies  (Faculty of Civil Engineering – mentor Prof. B. Đorđević and Faculty of Electrical Engineering – mentor Prof. R. Tomović) University of Belgrade, PhD (1981), University of California, Davis, California

Jaroslav Černi Institute for the Development of Water Resources, research assistant (1974–1976), senior researcher (1976–1978) and deputy director of the Department of Water Resources Studies (1982–1985); University of California, Davis, Department of Civil Engineering, lecturer (1980–1981); Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Novi Sad, assistant professor(1984–1986); Energoprojekt, lead engineer (1985–1986); University of Manitoba, Department of Civil and Geological Engineering,  associate professor (1986–1992), full professor (1992–2000); Natural Resources Institute, University of Manitoba, director and professor (1996–2000); Faculty of Engineering, The University of Western Ontario, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering,  professor (2000–2019), professor emeritus (2019 –); Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction University of Western Ontario, Engineering Research Chair (2000–2005); director (2005–);

Membership of specialist associations:
International Water Resources Association (2000); American Society of Civil Engineerѕ, lifetime member; Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (2008); Milutin Milanković Association, honorary member (2011–); Canadian Academy of Engineering (2013); Royal Society of Canada (2020); UNESCO Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme (IHP)

Membership of editorial boards
Water International, science editor (1998–2000); member of the editorial board: Water Resources Management Journal (1994–2025); International Journal of Environment and Climate Change (2012–); Water (2020–); Advances in Climate Change Research (2018–2022); Water Sector of Russia Journal (2020–); Water International (2016–2018); The Open Civil Engineering Journal (2007–2017); Intelligent Decision Technologies, an International Journal (2008–2016); The Journal of Geographic Information and Decision Analysis (1996–2004); The Canadian Resources Journal (2004–2010); associate editor: Modelling Earth Systems and Environment (2014–); Water (2019–); Journal of Flood Risk Management (2010–2019); Brazilian Journal of Water Resources (2015–2018); Hydrological Sciences Journal (1993–1999)

Awards and recognitions
Award for the best paper in 1992 published in Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice, American Society of Civil Engineers (1993);
Award for the best paper in 1997 published in Water International Journal, International Water Resources Association ;

the International Award (2001), Japanese Society of Hydrology and Water Resources;
Canadian Consulting Engineering Award of Excellence (2003);
Te Chow Award for lifetime achievement in the field of hydrologic engineering  and significant contributions in research, education and practice,  American Society of Civil Engineers (2013);
Award for outstanding contribution to the field of water resources management, European Water Resources Association (EWRA) (2017);
Award for the contribution to the cooperation between China and Canada, China Institute for Water Resources and Hydropower Research (2018);
Golden recognition of the Milutin Milanković Association (2020)
Listed on the Reuters Hot List of 1,000 most influential climate change scientists (2021)

Personal webpage
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