Milan N. Stojanović
Belgrade, 9 April 1966

Foreign member

Department of Chemical and Biological Sciences


Membership of SASA
Foreign member since 5 November 2015

Field of study
Silicomimetic automata which compute autonomously, autonomous therapeutic systems, molecular robotics, receptors (molecules) based on nucleic acids which can communicate with logical gates

BSc (1989), Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade; PhD (1995) Harvard University;
Professional training: Bristol-Myers Squibb Co, independent researcher (1995‒1997); Columbia University, New York, an assistant at post-doc studies and senior research associate (1998‒2002)

School of Medicine, Columbia University, post-doc studies teacher (2003‒); associate professor (2010‒); Centre for Molecular Cybernetics of the National Science Fund, USA, Columbia University, director (2005‒2009); Division of Experimental Therapeutics and the Departments of Medicine and Biomedical Engineering, School of Medicine, Columbia University, associate director (2007‒)

Awards and recognitions
Best student award of the Faculty of Chemistry (1989);
Postdoctoral Fellowship of the National Institute of Health, USA (1998);
Searle Scholar (2003);
Dr Harold and Golden Lamport Award for Excellence in Clinical Science (2007);
NYAS (The New York Academy of Sciences) Blavatnik Award for Basic Science (2007);
Golden Tulip Award (2010)