Pandurica (near Pljevlje), 14. 3. 1949.

Full member

Department of Historical Sciences


Membership of SASA
Corresponding member from 5 November 2015
Full Member from 4 November 2021

Field of study
History of Serbia and the Serbs and the history of the Balkans in the 18-20th centuries

BA (1972), MA (1976) PhD (1990) Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade

Historical Institute, principal research fellow; director (1987-2002)
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia (2012-2019) – ambassador to the Russian Federation and on a non-residential basis in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan

Membership of SASA boards
Board for the History of Serbia in the 19th century (president); Board for the Study of Serbo-Russian Relations (president), Board for the Serbian Issue; Vardar Board, Board for the History of Bosnia and Herzegovina Study, Academy Board for the Study of Life and Work of Serbian Scientists and the Writing of SASA’s History; Academy Board for the Study of Kosovo and Metohija

Accession speech
Old Serbia in the Balkan policy of Imperial Russia (at the beginning of the 20th century), Akademske besede, vol. 3, SANU-Presidency, Belgrade 2022, 365-378

Membership of cultural institutions
President of the Serbian Literary Guild (2001-2005)
Member of the Steering Board of Matica Srpska

Membership of other academies
Foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2022)

Membership of editorial boards
Editor: Istorijski časopis [Historical Review] (1987–2002); Mešovita građa [Miscellanea] 1987–2002); special editions of Historical Institute (1987–2002); Spomenica stogodišnjice oslobođenja Stare Srbije 1912–2012 [Memorial of the 100th Anniversary of Liberation of Old Serbia 1912-2012]; Member of the international editorial board of multiple volume work Istoriя kulьur slavяnskih narodov (Moscow 2003–) published by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and State Academy of Slavonic Culture, member of the editorial board of Serbian Encyclopaedia; member of the internationa editorial board of MGIMO Review of International Relations; Concept: philosophy, relligion, culture; Two centuries of Russian Classics – a scientific journal of A. M. Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Recognitions and awards
Special award ‘Golden Ring’ of the Cultural-Educational Society of Belgrade, 2003;
‘Pečat vremena’ Award for science and social theory, 2013;
‘Vladimir Ćorović’ Award for historiography, 2013;
Annual award of the Foundation of Đurđe, Danica and Jovanka Jelenić in the State Archives of Serbia for his book Na kapijama Konstantinopolja: Rusija i balkansko pitanje u 19. veku (2021);
Honorary professor of Belgorod State Technological University ’V.G. Shukhov’ in Russia (2017);
Order of Saint Sava of the second degree (by a decree of Patriarch Pavle;
Order of the Russian Orthodox Church ’Venerable Seraphim of Sarov’ of the third degree (by a decree of The Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus Kirill).