Tibor Várady
Zrenjanin (Veliki Bečkerek), 1939

Full member

Department of Social Sciences


Membership of SASA
Corresponding member of the Vojvodina Academy of Sciences and Arts 1987-1992
Corresponding member of SASA from 1992
Full member of SASA since 2003

BA (1962), MA (1967), Law School, University of Belgrade; PhD (1970), Harvard Law School


Membership of SASA boards
President of the Board for the Study of Ethnic Minorities and Human Rights
President of the Board for the Study of Roma Life and Customs
Academy Board for Cooperation with Serbian Scientists and Artists Abroad

Accession speech
“Partiality and Impartiality in Resolving International Disputes”, Nov. 11, 1989
“The Use and Abuse of the Space of Law”, Nov. 24, 2004

Membership of specialist associations
ILA (International Law Association), since 1970; Société de la Legislation compare, since 1980; Chair of the Panel of the Asser College Europe, 1996-2001; International Academy of Comparative Law, since 2006; American Bar Association, since 2006; Society of European Contract Law, since 2006; Association of Writers of Vojvodina, since 1975

Membership of editorial boards
Editor-in-Chief of Új Symposion, 1969-1971; Editor-in-Chief of LÉTÜNK, 1990-1999; Archive for Legal and Social Sciences; Yugoslav International Law Review; permanent correspondent of Netherlands International Law Review, 1985-2005; contributor to Revue de l’Arbitrage, 1983-1994; Croatian Yearbook of International Commercial Arbitration, since 1998

Awards and recognitions
Stražilovo Literary Prize, 1978
Knight of the Profession Award, 2010
Award of the City of Zrenjanin, 2016