Stevo Todorčević
Ubavića Brdo (municipality of Mrkonjić Grad), Feb. 9, 1955

full member

Department of Mathematics, Physics and Geosciences


Membership of SASA
Department of Mathematics, Physics and Geosciences, corresponding member from May 28, 1998; full member since Nov. 5, 2009

Field of study
Theory of sets, topology, combinatorics

PhD in Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Science, Belgrade, 1979

SASA Mathematical Institute, principal research fellow since 1991; University of Toronto, research professor since 1992; National Center for Scientific Research, Paris, research director since 1997

Accession speech
“A Brief Review of Ramsey’s Theorem and Kindred Results”

Membership of specialist associations
American Mathematical Society; Mathematical Society of France; Association for Symbolic Logic

Biography and bibliography
SASA Yearbook 98 (1992) 337-340; 105 (1999) 635-637.

Awards and recognitions
First Prize at Fifth and Sixth Balkan Mathematical Olympiads (Ankara, 1980; Pitești, 1982)