Saratov, 11 April 1947

Foreign member

Department of Medical Sciences


Membership of SASA
Foreign member since 1 November 2012

Russian State Medical University in Moscow, MD (1970); MSc (1973); PhD (1985); Institute of Evolutionary Biology and Biochemistry in Leningrad (Saint Petersburg)

Russian State Medical University in Moscow, full professor (1985); Institute of Developmental Biology, Russian Academy of Sciences, research associate (1975); senior research associate (1977‒1987); Head of the Laboratory for Hormonal Regulations and Neurohistology

Membership of other academies
Russian Academy of Sciences, corresponding member (1997); full member (2006)

Membership of specialist associations
Skolkovo Innovation Centre, expert board member; Neurochemical Society(Russia); Russian Pavlov Physiological Society, vice-president

Membership of editorial boards
member of the editorial board: Доклады Академии наукНейрохимияКлеточные технологии в биологии и медицинеПатогенезComparative Biochemistry and PhysiologyJournal of Chemical NeuroanatomyInternational Journal of Cell and Systems Developmental BiologyActa Naturae

Awards and recognitions
Leon Abgarovich Orbeli  Award  of the Russian Academy of Sciences