Torsten Nils Wiesel
Упсала, 03.06.1924.

Foreign member

Department of Medical Sciences


Membership of SASA
Foreign member since 5 November 2009

Professor Emeritus, Rockefeller University, New York;
Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine, USA, assistant professor (1958); Harvard University (1959); professor (1968); Rockefeller University (1983‒1998); president of the University (1991‒1998); Secretary-General of the Human Frontier Science Program, Strasbourg (2000‒2009)

Membership of other academies
New York Academy of Sciences, chair of the board of governors (2001‒2006)

Membership of specialist associations
Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Centre, chair (1995‒2001); International Brain Research Organization – IBRO, president (1998‒2004); board member of the Pew Centre on Global Climate Change; European Brain Research Institute (EBRI); Hospital for Special Surgery; Population Council, president of the board of directors (1999‒2008)

Awards and recognitions
Nobel Prize (1981);
Dr Jules C. Stein Award (1971)
Ferrier Medal and Lecture from the Royal Society (1971);
Lewis S. Rosenstiel Award (1972);
Friedenwald Award (1975);
Karl Spencer Lashley Award (1977);
Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize, New York Columbia University (1978);
George Ledlie Prize (1980);
Ralph W. Gerard Prize (1993);
Helen Keller Prize (1996);
David Rall Medal (2005);
National Medal of Science, USA (2005);
Marshall M. Parks MD Medal of Excellence (2007);
Order of the Rising Sun, Grand Cordon, Japan (2009)