Mihailo Vojvodić
general and national Modern Age history
Cetinje, 1938

Full member

Department of Historical Sciences


Membership of SASA
Corresponding member from Nov. 5, 2009; full member since Nov. 5, 2015

PhD in Historical Sciences

Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, Professor, retired

Positions in SASA
Secretary of the Department of Historical Sciences; member of the SASA Presidency; member of the managing board of the SASA Fund; president of the managing board of the Institute for Balkan Studies; President of the Academy Board for the Study of Kosovo and Metohija

Membership of SASA boards
Board for the Vardar; Board for the 19th-Century History of Serbia; Board for the 20th-Century History; Board for the Study of the Origins of the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, 1914-1918; Board for the Study of Serbian-Russian Relations

Accession speech
“The Berlin Congress – Thirty Years Later (A Serbian Perspective)”

Membership of editorial boards
Косовско-метохијски зборник; Journal of the Department of Historical Sciences

Awards and recognitions
Vuk’s Foundation Award for scholarship: Vladimir Ćorović Award for scholarship; Recognition of Achievement of the University of East Sarajevo

Biography and bibliography
Yearbook/SASA CXVI