Traffic engineer
Belgrade, 14 January 1935

Foreign member

Department of Technical Sciences


Membership of SASA
Foreign member since 27 October 1994

Field of study
Traffic control systems

BSc (1960), University of Belgrade, PhD in technical sciences (1966), University of California at Berkley (USA)

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia,  full professor (1975‒2010); professor emeritus (2010)
visiting professor: University of Belgrade (1970); University of Lisbon (1988; 1990); University of São Paulo, Brazil (1998); University of Pretoria, South Africa (2003; 2006; 2010); Technical University of Munich (2009)

Membership of specialist associations
Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia, Belgrade (1959‒1995); International Union of Public Transport, Brussels (1962‒); Institute of Transportation Engineers, Washington (1965‒); American Society of Civil Engineers (1971‒);

Membership of other academies
Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, foreign member (2005)

Awards and recognitions
Dr. Friedrich Lehner Medal, Germany (1982);
Endowed chair at UPS Foundation University of Pennsylvania (1990);
Lifetime of Academic Distinction Award, APTA (American Public Transportation Association), Huston, USA (2014);
Honorary doctorate, Conservatoire national des arts et métiers, Paris, France (2011);
Honorary doctorate, University of Waterloo, Canada (2014)