Slobodan N. Vukosavić
Electrical engineering
Sarajevo, Jan. 27, 1962

corresponding member

Department of Technical Sciences


Membership of SASA
Corresponding member since Nov. 5, 2015


BSc in Electrical Engineering (1985), MSc in Electrical Engineering (1987), PhD in Technical Sciences (1989), Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade

Nikola Tesla Institute, Belgrade (1986)
Emerson Electric ESCD (1988)
Vickers Electric (1992)
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, lecturer (1995)
MOOG-Electric (2000)
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Professor (since 2002)

Membership of SASA boards
Board for Energetics, president
Board for Resources

Membership of specialist associations
Power Electronics Society, Serbian Academy of Engineering Sciences, IEC commissions, vice president of the Society for ETRAN, Belgrade, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), program committed of international conferences International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (INDEL) and International Symposium on Power Electronics

Membership of editorial boards
IET Electric Power Application (adjunct editor), Electronics Journal (adjunct editor), FactaUniversitatis (adjunct editor), IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion (editor)

Awards and recognitions
Tesla Award for outstanding achievement in engineering
Award of the Chamber of Commerce, Belgrade
Adjunct Faculty, Northeastern University, Boston (2003)