My 27 Years of Failure (Trying to Cure Lung and Liver Metastases)

Professor Mauro Ferrari, PhD, an expert on nanotechnology in medicine and SASA Foreign Member, is scheduled to give a lecture titled ‘My 27 Years of Failure (Trying to Cure Lung and Liver Metastases)’ at the SASA Grand Hall, on Monday, 1 July, at 12 o’clock.

Professor Mauro Ferrari is the president and executive director of the Houston Methodist Research Institute and he has worked in laboratory for over 30 years on attempts to cure lung and liver metastases. Together with his associates, he applied interdisciplinary and multi-institutional approach, combining biology, clinical oncology, mathematics, physics, engineering and chemistry. When it comes to the field of computational mechanics, they have had an excellent cooperation with experts from Serbia.

Trying to find a cure for metastatic cancer, various approaches have been developed over the years which contributed to the birth of several new fields of science and medicine. In his lecture, Professor Mauro Ferrari will discuss this ‘journey of successful failures’, each of which has given rise to a realistic hope that the cure is to be found in the near future.

As a reminder, he was a guest of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts last summer, when he delivered a significant and well attended lecture titled ‘Nanotechnology and Post-Nano in Medical Applications’.