1 – 11 DECEMBER 2021

Organized by: Sustainable Urban Society Association – STRAND

The ninth international interdisciplinary exhibition ’On Architecture 2021 / Facing the Future – New Challenges’ thematically expands on the eponymous conference and is envisioned as the final act and wrapping up the event programme entitled ’On Architecture’ organized in 2021 by STRAND. The exhibited projects are focused on processes and trends contributing to the new aesthetics and functionalism: globalisation, new approaches in design, innovative technologies, projects, and materials. Thematic units of the conference and exhibition are as follows: challenges in architecture and urban design, the phenomenology of architecture, technology and architecture, architecture and art, new media arts, computational design, and architecture. The main topics touch on the shaping of the future, post-pandemic sustainable development, while there is a special set related to the future challenges in architecture and design and adaptation of sustainable development goals of the world in the pandemic. The exhibition display at the SASA Gallery of Science and Technology follows the thematic units through drawings, projects, photographs and product designs, video and audio recordings.

An international jury will evaluate the works and present  Mikro and Marko Design awards organized by the Sustainable Urban Society Association – STRAND.