2 – 17 DECEMBER 2022

Organizer: The Sustainable Urban Society Association — STRAND

The tenth international interdisciplinary exhibition ’On Architecture 2022/ Philosophy of Architecture’ thematically picks up after the identically titled conference and has been conceived as a conclusion to the event programme titled ‘On Architecture’, organized by The Sustainable Urban Society Association — STRAND.

This year’s international exhibition and conference promote the following thematic sessions: ‘The Phenomenology of Architecture’, ‘Architecture vs. Art’, ‘Technology and Architecture’, and ‘Architecture and New Media’.

The exhibition setting at the SASA Gallery of Science and Technology follows up the thematic sessions through art drawings, projects, photographs and product design, and it includes 46 works of numerous authors and teams from multiple countries.

The results of the a workshop titled ‘A New Urban Life of A Room’, dedicated to various concepts of our intimate, domestic space in the period after the pandemic, represent a particular component of the exhibition. The workshop concept was developed by Manuel Collado Arpia, an architect from Madrid and it was organized in three parallel sessions in Sarajevo, Kragujevac and Belgrade, with the support of numerous institutions.

The Sustainable Urban Society Association (STRAND) had organized an international panel which evaluated the works and presented the awards.