Open Door Day of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Since April of 2017, every Wednesday has been the Open Door Day of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Its goal is to acquaint pupils and secondary school students with the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, its establishment, social role and significance, the history of the building that houses it, its art collection and the scientists and artists who have been its members in the past 176 years. Tours, guided by SASA associate Nataša Vasić, are adapted to the age and particular interests of each group of pupils or students.

The guided tours of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts are important in several respects. Acquainting children and young people with the significance, history and role of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts allows for providing them with an insight into the overall workings of SASA as the highest scientific and artistic institution in the Republic of Serbia. At the same time, it also provides an opportunity for pupils and students to broaden the knowledge acquired within the education system by linking information about Serbian scientists and artists and their work with what they learn at school. They all leave the Academy building with an awareness of the importance of education and of the kind of goals they may strive for.

The Open Door Day tour involves visits to the Grand Hall, Archives, SASA Library, the respective memorial rooms of Branko Ćopić, Milutin Milanković and Marko Ristić, the Legacy of Olga Jevrić, the SASA Gallery of Visual Arts and Music, and the SASA Gallery of Science and Technology. The tours are free of charge and last about an hour and fifteen minutes. Any inquiries related to the tours and registration should be sent to