Opening of the Exhibition ‘Tesla’

An exhibition titled ‘Tesla’ by Veljko Mihajlović will open at the SASA Gallery of Science and Technology (Đure Jakšića St. 2), on Tuesday, 2 July, at 7 p.m. to honor the day of birth of a great scientist, Nikola Tesla.

The exhibition includes more than 300 paintings produced in the course of 2016, in oil and phosphorescent painting techniques on compact discs and their boxes as a painting surface. Their author is Veljko Mihajlović, academy painter who has had over 200 sole exhibitions.

Veljko Mihajlović has been preparing this exhibition for a decade, researching documents in the Museum of Nikola Tesla. He recounted the words of Nikola Tesla as a special inspiration: ‘Aristotle taught that there was an immovable ‘entelechy’ in the universe that moves everything and the thought was its main attribute. I am also convinced that the whole universe is unified in both material and spiritual sense. Out there in the universe there is a nucleus that gives us all the power, all the inspiration; it draws us to itself eternally, I feel its mightiness and values it transmits throughout the universe; thus keeping it in harmony. I have not breached the secret of that core, still I am aware of its existence, and when wanting to give it any material attribute I imagine light, and when trying to conceive it spiritually I imagine beauty and compassion. The one who carries that belief inside feels strong, finds joy in his work, for he experiences himself as a single tone in the universal harmony.’*

The exhibition lasts until 13 July.

* From the text “Nikola Tesla, Our First Great Ambassador in the USA” of Vladislav Savić, published in ‘Tesla Magazine’ 1951.