Presentation of Monograph ‘Transportation Engineering: Theory, Practice аnd Modeling’

The monograph ‘Transportation Engineering: Theory, Practice аnd Modelling’, authored by Academician Dušan Teodorović and Professor Milan Janič, is to be presented at the SASA Grand Hall, on Monday 6 June, at noon.

This is the second edition of the book that has recently been published by Elsevier. According to the data of the BookAuthority Organization, in the period October –December 2020,  the first edition of the book was first on the list of the world’s best books in the field of traffic engineering.

The book presents a comprehensive analysis of the problems of traffic engineering. The authors, both on Standford’s list of top world scientists, offered readers numerous models, methods and techniques related to the problems of traffic control and issues of transport planning. The authors thoroughly analyze techniques for the prediction of traffic flows, choices of transportation modes, handling traffic in a network and planning new transportation networks. This book also studies the issues of the mass transport of passengers, as well as the impact of traffic on the environment. Compared to the first edition from 2016, there is an addition related to an analysis of a new class of traffic intersections, the promotion of the concept of ‘joint mobility’, as well as a new chapter dealing with the resilience, robustness and vulnerability of traffic and transportation systems. The methods featured in the book, some of which have been proposed and developed by authors, enable students of general and doctoral studies, internship engineers and researchers around the world to plan and design future transportation systems that are safer, more efficient and adapted to modern environmental standards.

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