Presentation of the collection Antologija ili Cvetoslovlje

The collection ANTOLOGIJA ili CVETOSLOVLJE – Everyday and Ceremonial Chanting in Octet by Vladimir LJ. Jovanović (1956-2016), composer and chanting teacher – will be presented at the SASA Gallery, on Friday, 24 January, at 6 p.m.

The book represents a collection of church hymn compositions, and according to the editor of the collection, Dr Jelena Jovanović, SASA corresponding member, ‘the author of these melodies, masterfully and with the sensitivity of a creator and devotee, translated them from Greek sources harmonizing them with the nature of Church Slavonic language, thus adapting them to the liturgical language of the Serbian Orthodox Church concerning the accent and melodic flow’. They were written in Neumatic notation which has had a thousand-year tradition in the Eastern Orthodox chanting, while the interest for the notation itself was renewed in the 1990s, mostly thanks to Vladimir Jovanović.

The church choir “St. John of Damascus” also played an important role in the creation of the anthology.

The audience at the presentation at the SASA Gallery will be addressed by Hieromonk Jerotej Petrović, Dr Vesna Sara Peno, principal research fellow of the Institute of Musicology of SASA, Dr Danilo Nikolić, SASA Corresponding Member Jelena Jovanović and Dr Aleksandra Pavićević, principal research fellow of the Institute of Ethnography of SASA.

The melodies from the collection will be chanted by female and male members of ’St. John of Damascus’ choir, female choir ’St. Cassiane’ and Serbian Byzantine choir ’Moisey Petrovic’.