Round Table – Serbs in Croatia – Current State and Major Programme Activities

The round table titled ‘Serbs in Croatia – Current State and Major Programme Activities’, which is organized by the Board for the Study of National Minorities and Human Rights, is to be held at the SASA Grand Hall, on Thursday, 8 June, at 10 a.m. The above-mentioned Board, which for a number of years has dedicated part of its activities to Serbs living outside the native country, launched an initiative in 2018, for cultural centres and scientific institutions to present their activities to experts and interested parties in Serbia. A better knowledge of the work of these institutions could bring about the advancement of cooperation between the native country and minorities in the surroundings, primarily in the fields of science and culture.

On this occasion, Serbs in Croatia will introduce themselves. A systematic, comprehensive and rational presentation of Serbs in Croatia has not yet been produced in the institutions of the Republic of Serbia. The Board for the Study of National Minorities and Human Rights of SASA has prepared this round table in cooperation with organizations of Serbian minority self-governments in Croatia – the Serb National Council and the Joint Council of Municipalities-Vukovar, as well as two oldest cultural organizations – The Serbian Cultural Society ‘Prosvjeta’ and SPD ‘Privrednik’, along with two most recent organizations of Serbs in Croatia – the Serbian Democratic Forum and the Sports Recreational Society of Serbs in Croatia.