Scientific conference ‘Hydropower of South-Eastern Europe Region’

The two-day scientific conference titled ‘Hydropower of South Eastern Europe Region’ was opened at the SASA Grand Hall, on 12 October.

This is one in a series of conferences dedicated to the renewal and expansion of knowledge necessary for qualified rethinking and decision-making on the direction of the development of the Serbian energy sector. The significance of bringing together scholars and experts with integrity and the need for their participation in decision-making on the direction of energy development grows ever stronger. Due to the shortage of credible leadership and ever-growing populism, short-term, interest-driven and groundless decisions and policies have increasingly been made. Under the pressure of foreign and domestic interest groups, Ill-advised moves and the adoption of unsubstantiated plans, as well as passing expert decisions without the participation of qualified professionals directly oppose the long-term nature of the energy system and energy industry.

The organizers of this scientific conference have recognized the need for constructive dialogue and believe that the communication among consumers, industry, professionals and the state needs to be upgraded. The programme of this conference included five thematic parts followed by discussions and drawing conclusions.