Scientific conference ‘Society despite the Pandemic’

The scientific conference entitled ‘Society Despite the Pandemic’ which will shed light on various aspects of the pandemic, from the perspective of sociology, economy, law and psychology will open at the Grand Hall of the SASA Branch in Novi Sad, on Monday, 21 June, at 10 a.m.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the existing social core, highlighting the necessity of attitude change towards nature, simultaneously causing profound transformations. From different viewpoints, the participants of the conference will try to give answers to questions such as: how the pandemic requires the change of the existing patterns of thinking and behaviour, whether the pandemic-induced crisis changes our perception of it, whether it will cause changes in terms of our existential relationships and social relations regulation, etc.

Although the pandemic is still not over and all its consequences are yet unknown, it is imperative to put a joint scientific effort in order to analyze the situation and project possible future directions.

Academician Jasmina Grković-Mejdžor, vice-president of the SASA Branch in Novi Sad will open the conference. After that, Academician Vladimir Kostić, SASA president will give a lecture on post-COVID medicine. Professor Pavle Milenković, PhD will talk about the normal and pathological at the age of pandemic, while SASA Corresponding Member Alpár Losoncz will present the topic ‘The Pandemic as ‘an Expected’ Surprise’.

The first part of the conference will be concluded by the lecture of Professor Miodrag Jovanović, PhD, on the legal-ethical dilemmas of compulsory immunization against COVID-19.

Following a discussion, those present will have the opportunity to hear the presentation of Professor Vladimir Gvozden, PhD entitled ‘Pandemic between Literal and Figurative Meaning” while Marina Nikolić, PhD will talk about the Serbian language during the pandemic. In the end, Professor Snežana Smederevac, PhD will speak about the psychological reactions to the beginning of the pandemic.