SmartArt – Art and Science Applied ‘From Inspiration to Interaction’

The first international conference of the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade titled SmartArt – Art and Science Applied ‘From Inspiration to Interaction’ will open at the SASA Grand Hall, on Thursday, 28 November, at 10 a.m. The opening ceremony will feature the addresses of Academician Ljubomir Maksimović, SASA vice-president, Academician Branislav Mitrović, Professor Irena Živković, acting dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade and Professor Milan Prosen, the president of the Conference Organization Committee.

The conference ‘From Inspiration to Interaction’ is based on the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary connection of applied arts with social sciences and humanities, technical and technological sciences and others. Therefore, it is focused on all aspects of mutual inspiration and interaction between science and applied arts: animation, sculpture, interior and furniture design, printmaking, graphic design, illustration, industrial design, ceramics, costume design, contemporary fashion, painting, scenography, textile design and photography, as well as in the field of conservation and restoration.

Numerous experts of different profiles, mainly university professors, distinguished scientists and artists from approximately 15 countries from five continents will talk at the conference. A remarkable response of the most significant names is one of the bases to make the conference a traditional event of the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. Thus, an international forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences in various fields where applied arts and science crisscross will be provided.

In addition to the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, the Smart Art Conference has been supported by the Museum of Science and Technology, Belgrade City Museum, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, Embassy of France and French Institute in Serbia.

The session topics are: History and Theory of Applied Arts, Protection of Cultural Heritage; Applied Arts and Digital Technologies; Applied Geometry in Visual Arts, New Materials and Technologies in Applied Arts, Terminological Challenges in Applied Arts; Educational Aspects in Applied Arts and Other Concepts and Perspectives in the Collaborative Practice of Applies Arts and Science.