A two-day conference will open at the SASA Grand Hall on Thursday, 23 September, at 10 a.m. The conference is a part of the international popular campaign SmartArt 2021 – Art and Science Applied ‘Experience and Vision’ which the Faculty of Applied Arts of the University of Belgrade organizes for the second time. The goal of this campaign, with its diverse programme being carried out in the period 10 – 25 September, is to showcase the profusion and significance of applied arts and design, as well as current numerous and inextricable ties between science and arts.

The conference brings together over 200 participants, scientists, experts, researchers and artists of various profiles from 13 countries. Keynote lectures will be delivered by eminent scholars and world-famous experts Rudolf Klein (Hungary), Stefano Ridolfi, (Italy), Sava Čvek (USA) and Emmanuel Bréon (France). Applied arts will be discussed in eight thematic sessions: history and theory of applied arts, protections of cultural heritage, applied arts and digital technologies, applied geometry in visual arts, new materials, and technologies in applied arts, terminological challenges in applied arts, spatial configuration, and contextual aspects in design and educational aspects in applied arts.

As accentuated in the conference call, the participants of the conference unanimously believe that progress in the field of art and science is possible only through mutual cooperation and joint efforts.