Summer School and International Symposium on the Physics of Ionized Gases

Summer School and International Symposium on the Physics of Ionized Gases – SPIG 2022 is to be held at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, from 5 – 9 September. The opening is scheduled for 5 September, at the SASA Grand Hall, at 9.30. This is the most enduring physics symposium in Serbia, launched 60 years ago.

The Symposium covers four topics: atomic collision processes, particle, and laser beam interaction with solids, low-temperature plasmas, and astrophysical and fusion plasmas. All these disciplines are enormously significant in various applications, however, due to the development of specialized international conferences, it is increasingly rare for such a wide range of topics to be covered at one conference. As the four fields often overlap and converge in numerous fundamental studies and even more important applications, SPIG acts as a venue for the exchange of ideas in the four related fields.

In addition to formal presentations of scientific works, the Summer School of Physics of Ionised Gasses is always organized as part of the SPIG conference. This enables young scientists to present their work results in a forum that features the participation of some of the leading world experts in some fields.

SPIG is held biennially, and it includes the participation of between 150-200 scientists from across the world. This time it is organized in a hybrid format – live and online.